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Corona: More groups of people can get vaccinated

In accordance with the requirements of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, other groups of people have had the opportunity to book appointments for vaccinations against the coronavirus since today, Thursday, May 6. These include, among others, employees in food retail and drugstores.

Employees in the following professional groups can now book vaccination appointments via the portal of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians at or by calling 0800 11611701:

  • Food retailers and drugstores
  • Tax inspectors and tax investigators
  • Secondary schools
  • Correctional facilities with prisoner contact
  • Bailiffs and court officers
  • Service departments of courts and judicial authorities, judges and public prosecutors
  • Outpatient social service of the judiciary

Employees in the occupational groups can be vaccinated at a vaccination center of their choice. In each case, the completed employer's certificate from the NRW Ministry of Health must be brought to the vaccination appointment. According to the state, mRNA vaccine is used for all these groups of people - that is, from BioNTech or Moderna. A choice of vaccine is not possible.

Meanwhile, 124,487 initial vaccinations were given in Bonn, 72,234 of them at the Bonn Vaccination Center at WorldCCBonn. 30,193 people have already received the second vaccination, 12,493 at the vaccination center.

All important information on the subject of vaccination is available (in german language) on the Internet: (opens in a new tab).

Incidence value is 160.5

The Corona incidence value for Bonn on Thursday, May 6, 2021, is 160.5 related to 100,000 inhabitants. Thus, a total of 529 new infections have been reported to the health department in the past seven days.

To date, 13,262 confirmed Covid 19 cases have been recorded in Bonn since February 28, 2020. Of these, 973 are still acute, while 12,056 people are considered to have recovered. The number of coronavirus-related deaths in Bonn is 233, with the two most recent deaths being an 81-year-old man (no prior illness information is available) and an 82-year-old man with severe prior illness. 2578 Bonn residents are currently in quarantine.

As of Wednesday, May 5, 2021, the health department has registered a total of 2,417 cases of coronavirus mutations (2373 times the British variant, 2 times the Brazilian variant, and 42 times the South African variant) since January 28, 2021.

Between April 19 and 25, there were a total of 593 new SARS-CoV-2 cases, 362 of which were with the U.K. variant of the virus; this represents a rate of 61.05 percent (U.K. variant 60.88 percent, South African variant 0.17 percent), up again from the previous week.


The city administration has informed the schools in Bonn about the regulations on teaching with regard to the incidence value. Currently, distance teaching applies. Face-to-face teaching is prohibited.

If on five consecutive working days (Sunday is not counted and does not interrupt the counting of consecutive working days) the seven-day incidence value falls below the threshold value of 165 (the determination of the Robert Koch Institute is decisive), the NRW Ministry of Health announces the suspension of the prohibition on the following day. In accordance with the NRW Corona Care Ordinance, instruction in the form of alternating instruction then starts at the beginning of the first Monday after the day on which the Ministry has announced the lifting of the ban on face-to-face instruction. In this way, the state wants to give the schools, as well as the students and their parents, sufficient time to prepare for the alternating instruction.

As soon as the city of Bonn has received a corresponding announcement for the expiration of the prohibition of face-to-face instruction, it will inform the schools on which Monday face-to-face instruction in the form of alternating instruction may be resumed.

Equality of fully vaccinated and recovered persons with negatively tested persons.

Fully vaccinated and recovered persons are placed on an equal footing with those who test negative where regulations exist in the Federal Emergency Contraceptive System and in the Corona Protection Ordinance that allow tested persons access to facilities and services.

As an alternative to submitting a negative test result, proof of immunization is sufficient. This can be proven by:

  • proof of a complete vaccination against COVID-19 completed at least 14 days ago with a vaccine approved in the European Union,
  • proof of a positive test result based on laboratory diagnostics using nucleic acid detection (in particular PCR laboratory test) and dating back at least 28 days and a maximum of 6 months, or
  • proof of a positive test result according to point 2 in combination with proof of administration of at least one vaccine dose against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved in the European Union at least 14 days ago.

What do I do if I no longer have the certificate of my positive result? If the certificate has not been kept, you can contact the Health Department via the email address  corona-befundebonnde. The municipality already asks for your understanding that the processing may take some time.

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