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Start of the outdoor pool season 2020

On Ascension Day, 21 May 2020, the 2020 outdoor swimming pool season in Bonn begins at the Panoramabad in Rüngsdorf. In order to comply with the applicable hygiene and infection protection standards due to the coronavirus pandemic, visitors must be prepared for changes and restrictions.

After the state had announced on 6 May 2020 that it would be possible to operate open-air swimming pools from 20 May 2020, the Sports and Pool Authority had drawn up a draft concept for the commissioning of open-air swimming pools under the prevailing pandemic conditions. Since the state published its specifications last weekend, the concept was revised, updated and finalised at short notice. It also remains a dynamic concept and is constantly adapted to the current situation.

"It was particularly important to me that we can offer the citizens longer swimming times despite reduced visitor numbers," says Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan. "The visit to the open-air pools should be a little holiday in our own town." His thanks went especially to the colleagues who made the start of the open-air swimming pool season possible on May 21.

The Sports and Pool Authority based its elaborated plan in particular on the pandemic plan of the German Society for Swimming and the recommendations of the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) for a gradual opening of municipal pools.

Limited number of visitors

The city administration has decided to base the number of bathers on the water surface and has initially set the following maximum number of visitors:

  • Römerbad: 950 people
  • Melbbad: 650 people
  • Ennertbad: 650 people
  • Rüngsdorf: 500 people
  • Hardtbergbad: 500 people
  • Friesdorf: 150 people

If the operation of the open-air pools has proven to be unproblematic, an increase in visitor numbers would be possible in a second step.


Visits to the open-air swimming pools must be booked and paid for online in advance for the respective time block. Via this online booking, the city of Bonn simultaneously fulfils the requirement of the state to document customer contact data in order to enable contact person tracking.

The fee tariff for the use of the swimming pools in its previous version will be repealed and a new fee tariff for the open-air swimming pool season 2020 will be put into effect by an urgent decision. The following admission prices apply to the individual time tariffs: Adults 2.50 euros, reduced rate 1.50 euros; two adults plus up to two children six euros.

Season and multiple tickets cannot be used. The validity of multiple tickets will be extended, deposit cards from 2019 can be used again from 2021.

The website with the booking option will be activated during Wednesday, 20 May 2020.

Three time blocks per day

In order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to visit the open-air swimming pools despite the significantly reduced number of guests and to avoid waiting times in front of the pools, the following time blocks will be available in the open-air swimming pools in Bonn:

  • Early swimming: 6.30 to 9 am (only Mondays to Fridays; not public holidays)
  • First half of the day: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Mondays to Sundays and public holidays)
  • Second half of the day: 3 to 7 pm. (Mondays to Sundays and public holidays

Intermediate cleaning and disinfection are carried out during the closing times.

Season until probably 30 August

"Despite the challenges posed by the current special situation, we still feel that we are well positioned with this concept to offer the general public a range of services in the open-air pools. The opening of the Panorama Pool will be the acid test for us with regard to the other open-air pools," explained Dr. Birgit Schneider-Bönninger, head of the sports department, and Stefan Günther, head of the sports office.

After the "Rüngsi", the Römerbad, the Hardtbergbad, the Melbbad and the Friesdorf outdoor pool will open from 30 May 2020. As pumping stations in the Ennertbad in Beuel currently have to be renovated, the Ennertbad will not be able to start operating until 1 July. The outdoor swimming pool season is expected to end on 30 August 2020, after which the indoor pools will open. If the weather is fine, the outdoor part of the Hardtbergbad could remain in operation longer.

Numerous organisational measures

In order to be able to fulfil the current requirements of the Corona Protection Ordinance of the state, the sports administration must implement numerous organisational measures:

  • In waiting areas (also in front of the baths) a mouth and nose cover must be worn.
  • Disinfectant dispensers for the bathers will be placed in front of the cash desk area, in the changing rooms and in the toilets.
  • Existing cleaning and disinfection plans will be extended.
  • Individual changing rooms can be used; collective changing rooms are closed.
  • The use of showers and toilets is only possible if the minimum distance is observed.
  • There are distance markings on the benches and in front of slides and diving platforms.
  • The wave pool function in the Römerbad and the current channel in the Rüngsdorf open-air pool remain out of order.
  • The tenants can open their restaurants in the open-air pools in compliance with the infection prevention regulations.

Signs and notices inform about the rules of conduct.

Information on the Internet

All information can be found on the municipal website

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