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Reopening of cultural institutions

The city is pleased to be able to gradually put its cultural facilities back into operation. Despite the great and understandable need for cultural offerings, it must keep in mind the protection of the health of visitors and employees.

Citizens expect their administration to take appropriate measures with the necessary thoroughness and to make its services accessible again in accordance with the requirements. The diversity of offers therefore requires different measures.

Step-by-step plan city library

The main focus is on providing library customers with literature again as quickly as possible. All other services are secondary to lending.

After the Corona closure, the Bonn City Library will start operating again from Tuesday, May 12, initially only with a collection service for pre-ordered media. Customers can order five media from the Central Library, preferably by e-mail at  stadtbibliothek.abholungbonnde in writing or by phone at 772277 or 775242 Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The media are then picked out by the staff of the Central Library and packed in paper bags. A collection date is then arranged by telephone. The collection can then take place Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Central Library, Haus der Bildung, Mülheimer Platz 1. The media package ordered can then be picked up at the agreed time on presentation of the customer ID. Library customers are obliged to wear mouth and nose protection.

In this first stage of the resumption of operations of the City Library, it is not yet possible to return media because there is not enough space on the shelves. Since in normal operation some of the media are always on loan, there is not enough shelf space for all media. The return of media starts one week later, from Tuesday, May 19, but initially only via the external return station of the Central Library at the same times as the collection service is set up.

In order to avoid too great a rush of customers, it will not be until the third stage, starting on Tuesday, 26 May, that library customers will be able to select media directly on the shelves in the Central Library without making an appointment. In this phase, the library will be open exclusively for the lending and return of media under access restrictions. It is not yet possible to register or consult on site.

Once the central library is up and running, the branches will also be reopened in a further step, but the exact time has not yet been determined.

City Archive

The City Archive and the City History Library will be open to visitors again from 12 May on Tuesdays to Thursdays during the usual opening hours. Since the number of users is limited to five for reasons of hygiene, advance written registration is required at the e-mail address  lesesaal.stadtarchivbonnde. The registration must include your name and address, the purpose of your visit and its expected duration. Applicants will be informed promptly whether the desired date is possible or an alternative date will be offered. Wearing mouth and nose protection is also compulsory in the City Archives.

Municipal Museums

All preparations have also been made in the museums to ensure that the distance and hygiene regulations are observed. For example, only a fixed number of visitors will be in the museums at any one time, and the supervisory staff will ensure that the distance of 1.5 metres is maintained in the individual rooms. Due to the generous exhibition and traffic areas, long waiting times for visitors are not expected.

Kunstmuseum Bonn

  • According to the Corona Protection Ordinance (§ 12 a), all visitors and supervisors must wear mouth and nose protection. The Kunstmuseum Bonn will return to its usual opening hours from Tuesday, May 12, i.e. always 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesdays 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. (closed on Mondays). Currently the Kunstmuseum Martin Noel is showing Paintprintpaint and Candice Breitz: Labour. Both exhibitions have been extended due to Corona and will run until the beginning of August (Breitz) and mid September (Noel).

Stadtmuseum Bonn

  • The Stadtmuseum Bonn will open its exhibition rooms in Franziskanerstraße from Thursday, 14 May at 1 p.m. and will return at the usual times (Wed 9.30 - 2 p.m.; Thu, Fri, Sat 13-18; Sun 11.30 - 5 p.m.) up to and including 26 July, before the summer break begins. From June onwards, the Stadtmuseum will be showing the previous photo entries from the project "The Corona Everyday Life of Bonn's Citizens", which was launched in April and can already be seen online as a constantly growing picture gallery.

    The Stadtmuseum, too, has to do without guided tours and workshops for the time being due to contact restrictions and the necessary safety distance. However, small events are planned, which can be carried out in compliance with all regulations. The Arndthaus will reopen at 12 noon on the weekend of June 6th and 7th with a very special musical intermezzo with Nils Mönkemeyer, one of the most internationally known and renowned violists of our time, and from Wednesday, June 10th, with the exhibition "Gifted, donated and bought", a selection of the most beautiful acquisitions of the Stadtmuseum of the last years will be on display (Sat and Sun, June 6th and 7th, from 11.30 a.m. to 7 p.m., from Wednesday, June 10th to September 13th, 2020).
    From 16.10.2020 to 17.1.2021, the Stadtmuseum im Arndthaus, in cooperation with the Vienna Musikverein, is showing the exhibition "Bonn's Golden Years. Die kurkölnische Residenzstadt zur Beethovenzeit" as part of BTHVN 2020.

Ludwig-van Beethoven Musikschule Bonn

  • Since 4 May, the Corona Protection Ordinance has also allowed the gradual opening of the Ludwig van Beethoven Music School under strict hygiene and distance rules.
    The opening of the music school for private lessons in the classrooms is planned for Monday, May 18th, provided that the materials required for the implementation can be obtained on the market.
    The music school team is currently working at full speed to implement the comprehensive hygiene and room concept of the music school. In a first step, individual lessons in the instrumental and vocal subjects are to be offered again. Particularly strict guidelines apply to wind instruments and singing, the feasibility of which is still being examined. If necessary, lessons in these subjects can only start at a later date.
    This is one of the reasons why David Hecker, the new director of the Ludwig van Beethoven School of Music, assumes that online lessons will continue to take place parallel to face-to-face lessons.
    How the further easing measures announced by the state government on 6 May can be implemented is being examined. As a matter of principle, the health and safety of both the staff and the pupils is a top priority. 

Adult Education Centre

  • The Adult Education Centre is currently examining the framework conditions for the reopening. Some very small - but by no means all - courses in the House of Education can probably start again in the next few days. The complete course operation has not yet been approved by the state government (so the movement area may start on 30 May at the earliest) and the resumption of the obligatory BAMF courses, which has not yet been scheduled by the federal government, creates further planning uncertainties in view of the smaller course groups and larger space requirements.

Theater Bonn and Beethoven Orchestra Bonn

  • There is no statement on this today, the new decree situation must first be examined.

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