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Also on Father's Day, observe the rules of the Corona Protection Ordinance

On Ascension Day, Father's Day is also traditionally celebrated. Up to now, this often meant walking and celebrating in groups with a handcart and beer barrels. During the Corona crisis, different rules now apply.

Even on Father's Day, several people are only allowed to meet and spend time in public spaces if they are closely related or come from no more than two different households or apartments. Otherwise, the restrictions of the Corona Protection Ordinance NRW, which applies throughout the state, continue to apply. They state that a maximum of two persons may meet and stay together, who are not related and do not live together.

Father's Day may be celebrated with more than one person within the family's own four walls. The restrictions in this form do not apply here. However, a smaller celebration must remain within the usual framework, which does not take on the character of an "event", such as a supporting programme or live music. Such a large celebration is also prohibited at home. Moreover, the celebration must really take place within your own four walls. It is still not allowed to rent club, event or restaurant rooms.

Picnics in public areas are permitted again according to the currently valid Corona Protection Ordinance. There are no restrictions on food and drinks. However, the rules regarding the number of persons, relatives and household members also apply to a picnic and must be observed. Barbecuing in public areas, however, remains prohibited.

"I appeal to all citizens who are lured outside to observe and comply with the rules. The recent drop in the number of infections and the decreasing number of people suffering from Covid-19 is a success for society as a whole, which should not be jeopardised by negligent handling of the restrictions that continue to apply. Celebrating Father's Day on a small scale is also an important contribution to preventing the continuing risk of infection. Years will come again in which it will be possible to celebrate in high spirits and without restrictions, for which we must all have the necessary patience," says Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan.

The city planning service of the city of Bonn, supported by the so-called Rhine patrol, which is on the banks of the Rhine and in the Rhine floodplain, continues the corona controls on Ascension Day and pays special attention to Father's Day excursionists.

Current figures

As of Wednesday, May 20, 2020, the Health Department of the City of Bonn lists 18 Bonn citizens who are acutely ill with Covid-19 (minus 2 compared to the previous day). Since 29 February, a total of 698 persons (plus 2 compared to the previous day) have tested positive for the coronavirus. 673 people (plus 3 compared to the previous day) have recovered in the meantime, 7 have died as a result of the coronavirus infection. The seventh victim was born in 1944 and had previous illnesses.

In the past seven days 10 new infections have been registered in Bonn; this corresponds to 3.03 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. With the emergency mechanism introduced by the federal and state governments against rising infection rates of 50 new cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days, the limit for the federal city of Bonn with more than 330,000 inhabitants and residents is 165 cases.

At the moment, 30 people from Bonn, the surrounding area and abroad who have fallen ill with Covid-19 (plus 3 compared to the previous day) are in Bonn's hospitals. 19 of them are cared for in normal wards, 11 are in intensive care units, of which 7 require respiration.

Controls of the city planning service

In the period from Friday, 15 May 2020, 8.30 a.m., to Wednesday, 20 May 2020, 8.30 a.m., a total of 101 operations were documented for the city ordinance service under the operational keyword "health protection". 9 new advertisements were included. Otherwise, the persons were informed about the applicable rules.

In the meantime, the City Fines Office has received a total of 1,200 reports from the City Traffic Control Service and the police for violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance. With the exception of a few cases, these are violations of the ban on meeting in larger groups of people. 900 fine notices have been issued so far.

Daycare facilities for children

In accordance with the current Coronabe care ordinance of the state, the circle of children who can again attend the day care centres will again be expanded. Day care in day care centres for children who come to school in the summer starts on Thursday, 28 May.

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