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Corona: Very high vaccination rate among those over 80 years of age

More than 80 percent of Bonn residents over the age of 80 have already been vaccinated against the corona virus or have made an appointment for vaccination. Bonn's fire chief Jochen Stein appeals to the still missing about 3500 seniors over 80 to get vaccinated.

Overall, vaccinations at the Bonn Vaccination Center at the World Conference Center Bonn are running smoothly. Waiting times are very short, and the vaccinees are very disciplined. "Everyone involved is cooperating very well," says Jochen Stein.

While those over 80 have to make an appointment with the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein (North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) via its Internet portal (opens in a new tab) or call 0800 - 11611701, the city of Bonn has set up its own online vaccination portal for the approximately 30 different groups of people eligible for vaccination in the first and second priority groups. About 5000 initial vaccinations of doctors, educators, staff in schools, midwives and police officers with Biontech or Moderna have already been carried out via this in the vaccination center in one week. Another 6400 appointments have been scheduled through March 28, by which date the city will receive the appropriate number of vaccine doses from the state. 

Daily residual vaccine doses from Biontech and Moderna will be spontaneously vaccinated on the same day. After the rescue service employees, it is now the turn of the police officers (two-thirds have already been vaccinated first), followed by employees of the vaccination center, e.g. from access control, registration and care, who belong to the third priority group (the medical personnel have already been vaccinated).

Fire Chief Stein states that the residence principle applies to those over 80 years of age, but the workplace principle applies to the different groups of people. These people only receive an appointment at the Bonn vaccination center if they work in Bonn.

The groups that are now vaccinated also include people in daycare centers, in daycare, and in elementary and special schools. 890 employees from daycare centers (another 1400 appointments arranged), 670 employees of elementary and special schools (another 2100 appointments arranged), and 130 people in daycare (330 more appointments arranged) have already received the initial vaccination.

Since the group of over 80-year-olds is almost completely vaccinated, the city is urgently waiting for a decision from the state to release the group of 70 to 80-year-olds for vaccination.

Questions by mail or on the hotline

The city of Bonn answers questions about vaccination at the e-mail address  fragen.impfenbonnde and on the Corona hotline 0228 - 7175. Currently, the employees of the health department receive about 300 calls and a large number of mails per day. For this reason, Dr. Susanne Engels, acting director of the health department, asks for your understanding if you cannot get through immediately on the hotline or if it can take up to three days to answer mails. The health department's Corona hotline is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Currently, viral mutations account for 51.9 percent of all detected Corona infections. "We expected viral mutations to increase significantly," Engels explained. As of Wednesday, March 10, the health department has recorded a total of 314 cases of coronavirus mutations since Jan. 28, 2021: the British variant 312 times and the Brazilian variant twice.

Incidence value 60.4

There has been a slight decrease in the corona incidence value. Based on 100,000 population, it is 60.4 as of Friday, March 12, 2021. 199 new Corona infections have been reported in the past seven days.

A total of 9748 Covid 19 cases have been recorded since February 28, 2020. While 9195 people are considered recovered in the interim, 351 people are acutely infected. 202 people have died in association with coronavirus. The three most recent deaths involve an 80-year-old woman, as well as a 98-year-old man and a 79-year-old man; the city does not know if there were pre-existing conditions. 1193 citizens of Bonn are currently in quarantine.

There are currently 65 people from Bonn and the surrounding area in Bonn hospitals who have contracted Covid-19. 42 patients are being cared for in normal wards, 23 people are in intensive care units, 16 of whom require ventilation.

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