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Corona emergency brake with test option: What works and what doesn't

Only with a negative rapid test or self-test, which may not be older than 24 hours and is confirmed in writing or digitally by a recognized test center, may stores and hair salons be entered. The City of Bonn draws attention to this.

In §16 para. 2 of the Corona Protection Ordinance, reference is made to §4 para. 4, and it says: " (...) it must be a test procedure provided for in the Corona Test and Quarantine Ordinance. The negative result must be confirmed in writing or digitally by one of the testing agencies provided for in the Corona Test and Quarantine Ordinance." "Daily" means that the testing must have occurred no more than 24 hours ago.

For clarity, which offers may be used without and which offers with daily negative quick/self-test and what is currently prohibited, the city administration has compiled the following overview:

Without test (for individual services and offers appointments are necessary):

  • Food retail, pick-up and delivery services, beverage markets, kiosks,
  • Weekly markets for sales stalls focusing on food and goods for daily use,
  • Pharmacies, health food stores, medical supply stores, baby stores and drugstores,
  • gas stations, banks and savings banks, post offices,
  • newspaper outlets,
  • feed stores and pet supply stores,
  • florists,
  • Wholesale establishments for wholesale customers and - limited to the sale of foodstuffs - also for end customers,
  • Mail order, delivery service and non-contact pick-up of ordered goods (click & collect),
  • Craft and service with minimum distance,
  • Medically necessary services, chiropody, commercial passenger transport,
  • First aid courses,
  • tutoring, beginner and baby swimming courses with a maximum of 5 students each, beginner swimming courses
  • Music lessons with distance and maximum 5 students*, but not during the Easter vacations,
    driving schools,
  • Botanical gardens,
  • Pick-up and delivery service catering,
  • Return of media at the outside return desk of the Central Library.

With daily updated rapid test (children up to school entry are exempt from the test requirement):

  • Remaining retail, DIY store, garden center and travel agency with appointment booking (Click & Meet),
  • telephone service providers: sale of terminals and contracts,
  • body-related services such as hairdressers, cosmetics, nail salons, massage, tattoo, piercing,
  • Use of the Central Library and the branches of the City Library (except Brüser Berg). The dunning procedure is suspended again until April 26, 2021,
  • Museums, art exhibitions, galleries, castles, memorials and the like,
  • Closed rooms of botanical gardens.


  • Consumption of food within 50 m of the point of sale or catering establishment,
  • concerts, theaters, cinemas,
  • music festivals, festivals, sports festivals,
  • indoor sports, gyms, swimming pools, saunas, spas, rehabilitation sports,
  • amusement parks, indoor playgrounds and similar facilities (indoor and outdoor),
  • amusement arcades, casinos, clubs, discotheques, brothels and sexual services,
  • fairs, exhibitions, fairs, flea markets, special markets,
  • Excursions by ships, carriages, historical railroads and similar establishments,
  • Large festive events,
  • On-site catering (indoor and outdoor),
  • Overnight accommodations for private purposes.

Contact restrictions

In principle, only meetings of persons from one household with no more than one person from another household are allowed. Children up to 14 years of age are not counted. Over Easter, from April 1 to 5, meetings of two households with a total of no more than five persons are permitted. Again, children 14 and under are not counted. Couples regardless of their living arrangement count as one household.

Sport facilities

The following regulations apply to sports facilities: Recreational and amateur sports activities on and in all public and private sports facilities, gyms, swimming pools and similar facilities are prohibited.  Exempted from the ban on sports on open-air sports facilities is the sport of no more than five persons from no more than two different households (children up to and including 14 years of age are not counted) or exclusively with persons of their own household, as training in individual lessons, and of groups of no more than ten children up to and including 14 years of age plus up to two training or supervisory persons. A minimum distance of five meters must be maintained between these persons or groups of persons exempted from the prohibition of sports, if they are simultaneously engaged in sports on a sports facility.

The city administration has informed the sports clubs accordingly.

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