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Still only one confirmed case of coronavirus in Bonn

There is still only one confirmed case of coronavirus in Bonn (as of Friday, 6 March, 12 noon).

According to a decree issued by the NRW Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs to the Lord Mayors, Mayors, State Councillors and lower health authorities on 4 March 2020, press releases may mention "exclusively confirmed infections according to the case definition of the Robert Koch Institute (positive laboratory diagnostic evidence)". Due to this requirement, the city of Bonn will no longer publish figures on suspected cases with immediate effect.

In the meantime, according to information from the health department of the Rhein-Sieg district, there is a confirmed coronavirus case from Königswinter, which works in Bonn. This is a company from Bonn, where there is a confirmed case from the Bergisches Land. The public health department of the city of Bonn is now taking care of the direct Bonn contact persons of the two confirmed cases.

With descriptive flyers and posters (German/English), the city of Bonn now informs in its public-relevant areas about hygiene measures such as sneezing labels, more frequent hand washing and not shaking hands. The flyers and posters will be displayed or hung up in the service centre, in the district administration offices, in the Bonn Information Centre, in the town hall, in the Foreigners' Office, in the music school, the adult education centre and the municipal library with all its branches.

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