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Fifth corona case on Monday in Bonn

On Monday morning (9 March), the city of Bonn reported a fifth confirmed case of corona.

It is the father of the small family, whose mother had already been tested positive at the weekend. The father had already been admitted to hospital due to a previous illness. The test result of the family's child is negative.

In the meantime, the public health department is in contact with all families of the Bonn International School, and the students are under quarantine.

With regard to the possible cancellation of larger events from 1.000 participants upwards the city adheres to the criteria of the Robert Koch Institute, Mayor Ashok Sridharan underlines: "If there is an instruction from the federal or state government, we will of course follow it".

The city will hang posters in its event rooms, for example in the opera house and the Stadthalle, with recommendations for behaviour.

The five cases currently confirmed concern 0.0015 percent of Bonn's population. In contrast, 453 cases of influenza have been registered from the beginning of 2020 to the present day, which is 0.137 percent.

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