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Coronavirus: City of Bonn cancels all major events

Due to the decree of the NRW state government on corona infections and the handling of major events, the Federal City of Bonn is cancelling all events with more than 1000 visitors until further notice.

The city of Bonn will implement the decree by means of a so-called general administrative order. "We are very sorry about this decision - and it hurts us very much," emphasized Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan. However, he said that care must be taken to ensure that the coronavirus does not spread exponentially, but that at best there will be fewer confirmed cases.

It is not yet clear how possible claims for damages in the case of cancelled events will be dealt with. Here the city sees the country as having a duty.

For organizers of events of this size (fewer than 1000 visitors), the city administration will develop a checklist. It is intended to help the organisers and the city administration in the individual case examination of such events.

Bonn Theatre and Beethoven Orchestraand Beethoven Festival are affected

The Bonn Theatre, for example, is affected by the cancellation of the events. As artistic director Dr. Bernhard Helmich explained, all events in the opera, theatre and workshop stage have been cancelled until Sunday. The spring edition of the Beethovenfest in this month must also be cancelled. "As terrible as it is, I understand the overall strategy and consider it to be the right one," said artistic director Nike Wagner. The Beethoven Orchestra Bonn has already cancelled several smaller events in the next few days. General Music Director Dirk Kaftan: "It is sad that we had to make this decision, but we consider it responsible and right.

At the moment, the decree is unlimited

Whether, for example, the Deutsche Post Marathon on 26 April or Rhine in Flames on the first weekend in May will be able to take place is still unclear at present. This depends on how long the decree of the state government is valid. At the moment, it is unlimited, whereas other federal states would have limited the duration of their decrees. The city hopes to have an answer to the question by the end of the week. In this context, city director Wolfgang Fuchs, head of the crisis team, appealed to the federal and state governments to agree on uniform regulations.

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