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Corona virus: City of Bonn brings together volunteers and people in need

Especially elderly, single people and those with pre-existing conditions currently need special support during the corona crisis. The volunteer agency of the city of Bonn and the Haus der Bonner Altenhilfe are now bundling their services centrally and coordinating the help under the telephone number 0228 776699.

The Federal City of Bonn would like to thank the citizens, associations, organisations and institutions for the enormous offer of support, which has already been brought to the city through various channels. In order to coordinate these offers of help and thus build up resilient structures, the Volunteer Agency of the City of Bonn and the House of Bonn Care for the Elderly are now working closely together. The city of Bonn expects that more and more people who need help in everyday life will get in touch in the near future. The new cooperation is intended to bring together those who offer help and people from risk groups.

The first aim is to ensure that the people affected, for example elderly people or those with previous illnesses, can stay in their own homes as long as possible and are not exposed to the risk of infection. Those who need support for their everyday life, for example when shopping or walking their dog, can contact the city of Bonn. In addition to help in coping with everyday life, telephone contacts can also be arranged so that single people, for example, do not end up in social isolation. Anyone who needs support should contact the „Haus der Bonner Altenhilfe“ as the relevant municipal coordination and information centre on telephone 0228 776699 or e-mail:  altenhilfebonnde.

In cooperation with the Volunteer Agency, which coordinates the voluntary work, and a large number of highly committed institutions and agencies in the individual city areas, these requests are then linked to volunteers, if possible on a district by district basis. Anyone who would still like to offer help should contact the volunteer agency on the central telephone number 0228 774848 and by e-mail to the central mailbox  freiwilligenagenturbonnde.

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