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Corona virus: City counselling services for families

The current exceptional situation due to the corona virus represents an enormous challenge for families and especially for parents.

Daycare centres and schools are closed. The children are not allowed to go to playgrounds and sports facilities, all extracurricular leisure activities are not taking place, contacts should be avoided if possible. Some parents also have to work at home in the home office, others have no work and worry about how they will survive financially. And there are parents who have to work a lot at the moment because they have jobs that are absolutely necessary in the crisis situation. At the same time, the school-age children do not have holidays, but are supposed to learn independently at home and work on materials given to them by their teachers.

The Office for Children, Youth and Family of the Federal City of Bonn would like to support the families in Bonn in this situation as much as possible. For this reason, the Educational and Family Counselling Centre offers a telephone counselling hotline on 0228 - 77 45 62 and advises families on all questions concerning family life. "Contact us if you have any questions about how you can cope with this situation as a family or how you can behave towards your children," says Udo Stein, head of the youth welfare office.

The School Psychology Bonn offers counselling to all parents who have difficulties in helping their children to fulfil their school duties at home under the number 0228 - 77 45 63. Pupils can also register for counselling themselves if they are unable to work and learn independently. In addition, the School Psychology Department supports all teachers in an advisory capacity when they are concerned about the well-being of individual pupils.

The telephone counselling hotlines are available Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please leave a message on the answering machine if a counsellor is not available immediately. It will be called back as soon as possible. Beyond that the possibility exists of sending a e-mail: for the educating and family advisory service by mail-adress  psychologische.beratungsstellebonnde, with the school psychology Bonn by mail-adress  schulpsychologiebonnde.

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