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Coronavirus: A case of death in Bonn

A 1936-born person from Bonn died on Tuesday, 24 March 2020 as a result of coronavirus infection: "I would like to express my sincere condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased and hope for all of us that such sad news will remain the exception in Bonn," says Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan. The person had refrained from intensive medical treatment.

As of Wednesday, 25 March 2020, 12 noon, a total of 180 confirmed coronavirus cases were reported to the public health department. Among the infected is also a member of the Bonn professional fire brigade. Six people are being treated in hospitals, three of whom are receiving intensive medical care. 550 people are in quarantine.

Marriages continue to take place

Marriages still take place at the registry office. The crisis management team of the city of Bonn has determined that the witnesses and the children of the bride and groom may take part in weddings in addition to the bridal couple and the registrar. Since the number of participants must be limited so tightly, the city waives the additional fees for so-called ambience weddings.

Only pure cellulose products in the toilet

As toilet paper is still in short supply in shops and drugstores, the civil engineering office of the city of Bonn points out that most hygiene articles such as wet wipes, fleece cloths, wet toilet paper, which are made of a largely tear-resistant polyester mixture, belong in the residual waste and not in the toilet. Since these products do not dissolve in the waste water, they can wrap themselves around the aggregates in the pumping stations and sewage treatment plants and cause them to break down or even destroy them.

Apart from usual toilet paper, only products consisting of pure cellulose should be used. Kitchen rolls, paper handkerchiefs etc. are therefore no problem.

Municipal administration reachable by mail and telephone

The office buildings of the city administration are still closed to the public. A visit to the administration is only possible by prior appointment. Access controls are in place at the entrances to the buildings. The administration therefore appeals to clarify any concerns by telephone or e-mail.

In addition to the Service Centre's central telephone number on 0228 - 77 66 77, citizens can also contact the following numbers with their questions: 0228 - 77 66 57 for registration, passport and ID matters, 0228 - 77 66 58 for the registration office and 0228 - 77 66 59 for the driving licence authority or driving licence office.

An overview of the central telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of the various specialist departments of the city administration is published on the city's website at

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