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Heavy rain: Rhine and stream levels rise in Bonn

So far, the effects of the heavy rainfall since Tuesday evening, July 13, 2021, in Bonn are comparatively mild. The water levels of the streams are currently rising. As heavy rainfall is expected to continue until Thursday, the city of Bonn urgently advises residents to take precautions against possible flooding. The level of the Rhine is also expected to rise significantly in the coming days.

Since Tuesday evening, the control centers of the fire department and rescue service as well as the city's public order service have received various reports of blocked drains, damaged trees and minor water damage caused by defective drainage pipes. The calls are increasing significantly as the rain continues. Employees of the Public Works Department removed large pieces of flotsam from Mehlemer Bach on Wednesday morning. The city asks that no objects, such as garden waste, be placed along creeks to prevent them from ending up as flotsam in the water. In addition, to prevent damage, vehicles should no longer be parked near the banks of the Rhine, on stream banks or in lowered positions.

Alarm system monitors stream levels

The automatic warning systems on the Mehlemer, Godesberger, Endenicher, Rheindorfer and Villicher brooks are in operation and permanently monitor the brook levels. Given the weather forecasts, the city expects the situation to worsen. "It will become critical if the rain does not fall over a longer period of time, but as an urban flash flood. Culverts and pipelines are then at risk of being blocked by flotsam and flooding can occur," warns civil engineering department head Peter Esch. In the past few days, the civil engineering office has checked the inlet grids on pipelines and cleaned them if necessary. The relief channel at the Mehlemer Bach has been in operation since about 1 p.m..

The city urgently advises residents to take precautions against possible flooding in good time. This applies to buildings along small bodies of water and the Rhine, but also throughout the city, as urban flash floods can cause serious damage even far from bodies of water. The alarm level system warns of an approaching flood wave with a lead time of ten to 90 minutes, but does not offer any protection. That is why it is important to take precautions at an early stage. At, citizens can obtain comprehensive information on the subject of flood and heavy rain precautions and determine their own risk situation.

Large Rhine flood expected by Saturday

The Rhine level in Bonn is currently still at 5.34 meters. In the coming days, however, the water will rise significantly: Current forecasts predict a level of up to six meters on Thursday, up to 7.50 meters on Friday and up to 8.25 meters on Saturday. The city has already taken initial protective measures. In order to prevent the Rhine water from entering the sewer system, the sewer operation of the civil engineering office has closed various gates in the sewer network. Gullies near the Rhine on the Bonn and Beuel sides are sealed - depending on the water level. The Office for Environment and City Greenery secures benches near the banks.

The city's emergency services are currently informing restaurateurs and construction companies near the banks of the Rhine of the impending flood situation. The organizers of the Kulturgarten were already informed on Monday. From a level of 5.50 meters, probably on Thursday, the Rhine will overflow its banks at the adjacent Leinpfad, so that the path is no longer usable for concert visitors and other passers-by for safety reasons.

When the water level reaches seven meters - by Friday at the latest - the riverside promenades in Beuel and on the Brassertufer will be flooded. The city is closely monitoring the flood situation and taking appropriate protective measures.

Further information on flooding and the current level of the Rhine in Bonn can be found on the city's website at (opens in a new tab).

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