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City calls for vaccination with poster campaign

"Not only your laughter can be contagious!" or "Jetz net schmolle, Spritz aavholle" - with these and other slogans on colorful posters, the City of Bonn is currently calling for vaccination in the city area. These are displayed both on large megalights and on city lights, such as those found at bus stops.

Mayor Katja Dörner in front of the Citylight in Oxfordstraße.

"The vaccination figures in Bonn are good. Of course, we still want to reach out to those who may still be unsure. After all, every vaccination is another step out of the pandemic," explains Mayor Katja Dörner, who presented the poster on Oxfordstraße on Thursday, January 6, 2022.

In order to address as many people as possible, the posters are not only displayed in High German or Rhenish dialect, but also in English, Arabic and Turkish. The posters will be on display until Tuesday, January 11, and then again from the end of January. The motifs will also be shared via the city's social media channels under the hashtag #GemeinsamgegenCorona, for example on

The city of Bonn offers vaccination opportunities at the vaccination centers in three of the four city districts as well as through open vaccination campaigns. On the one hand, through the health department, and on the other hand, through contracted partners, such as the Helios Klinikum on Hardtberg or in the new vaccination center in Poppelsdorf with Corona-Impfung-Bonn GmbH. The child vaccination center in Bad Godesberg has also been well received since its launch in December.

Further information on the subject of vaccination can be found in German at (opens in a new tab).

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One of the motifs that can be seen in Turkish in the city. Translated, it reads something like, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Get vaccinated!"

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