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Corona vaccination center is opened

The Corona Vaccination Center at the World Conference Center Bonn (WorldCCBonn) is open. Since Monday, February 8, 2021, seniors aged 80 and older have been vaccinated against the corona virus at the United Nations Square in the Federal Quarter.

"I am glad that the vaccinations can finally begin here at WorldCCBonn," says Mayor Katja Dörner as she goes to see for herself. "The delays caused by the vaccine delivery bottlenecks were very annoying. But now I hope that the Corona vaccination will pick up speed." At the same time, the mayor asks for understanding if there are still difficulties at one point or another at the beginning in the vaccination center: "Some processes certainly still have to settle in."

The vaccination center, financed by the federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, is the responsibility and competence of the municipal health department. The fire department has taken over its operation. Registration and vaccinations are in the hands of the staff of the North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. Municipal employees, mainly from the cultural sector, provide support.

Around 4000 vaccinations in February

Initially, the vaccination center is open daily from 2 to 8 p.m.. In the initial period, 183 vaccinations with Biontech vaccine are available daily for seniors over 80 years of age, and four vaccination lines are operated. Approximately 4000 initial vaccinations are scheduled for the month of February. With the start of second vaccinations from March 1, the vaccination center will go into a two-shift operation and open as early as in the morning. The vaccination center with its six vaccination lines is designed for up to 1200 vaccinations per day. 

Vaccinations with the vaccine from Astra-Zeneca are also expected to begin at the vaccination center on February 10. It will be used to vaccinate staff under 65 years of age of outpatient care services, of day care facilities and residential communities, as well as employees and volunteers in hospices. People 65 and older in these groups are to receive vaccinations with Biontech vaccine.

Right-of-way possible by car - Appointment only to vaccination center

Those over 80 years of age can have their car drive up immediately via the access road on Karl-Carstens-Straße/Dahlmannstraße. After the entrance and even before registration, there is a waiting area with seating. Persons to be vaccinated can wait there while relatives park the car after dropping them off.

Vaccination at the WCCB is by personal appointment only. Individuals must bring their ID card, appointment confirmation and - if available - their vaccination certificate to the vaccination. In addition, those willing to be vaccinated should have with them the already completed medical history form and the consent form that one receives with the appointment confirmation.

Seniors should come to the vaccination center only in good health and without symptoms of illness. They should come alone (those who need assistance may be accompanied by a person) and must wear at least mouth-to-nose coverings. The city asks that a medical mask (surgical mask, FFP2 mask or comparable mask such as KN95/N95) be worn if possible. In addition, no luggage or large bags should be brought.

Vaccination procedure

At the entrance, the body temperature is first checked. This is followed by registration and an explanation of the vaccination. You will be informed that you may experience physical symptoms after the vaccination, such as pain at the injection site, fatigue, mild flu symptoms, and mild headaches. It is also clarified how vaccinations have been tolerated so far, whether there have been severe reactions to a vaccination beforehand, whether allergies are known, etc. The information about the vaccination and possible complications must be signed by the vaccinated person.

Then the vaccination takes place. In the case of right-handed persons into the left upper arm or vice versa. The injection site is disinfected beforehand, then protected with a plaster. The vaccination is recorded in the vaccination card with batch number, name of vaccination, date of vaccination and the disease against which vaccination is given. With the Biontech vaccine, a second vaccination is required on day 21. 

After vaccination, the vaccinee should remain in the vaccination center or nearby for approximately 30 minutes for follow-up. This will allow the attending emergency personnel to assist with any physical reactions, if necessary.

How to reach the vaccination center

The Vaccination Center in the Federal Quarter is centrally located. It can be easily reached by streetcar lines 16, 63, 66, 67 and 68 (Heussallee/Museumsmeile stop), by bus lines 610 and 611 (Deutsche Welle stop) and by Deutsche Bahn (UN Campus stop). If arriving by car, the parking garage of the WorldCCBonn at Karl-Carstens-Straße 4 can be used. The short walk from the stops or from the parking garage to the vaccination center is signposted. Under certain circumstances, there may be a claim for reimbursement of travel costs by health insurance companies.

Who is over 80 years old and would like to be vaccinated now, but does not know how to get to the vaccination center, can contact the Corona hotline 0228 - 71 75 or the e-mail address fragen.impfenbonnde. The city administration will advise and, if necessary, find a solution for arrival and departure.

Questions about vaccination

The health department's "Corona" call center at 0228 - 71 75 also takes questions about vaccination. Help with questions about vaccination is also available at the e-mail address  fragen.impfenbonnde. Please note that neither the Corona hotline nor the e-mail address can be used to make vaccination appointments!

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