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Corona: Info about day care centers and schools

From Monday, February 22, 2021, up to and including March 7, 2021, "restricted regular operation" will apply at the daycare centers. The facilities are open to all children.

As is currently the case in "restricted pandemic operations," there will continue to be fixed groups of children and caregivers to reduce the risk of infection. Childcare hours in daycare centers across the country continue to be reduced by a flat rate of ten hours a week so that the staff in the daycare centers can cope with the care in the fixed groups. 

It is anticipated that "locally restricted regular operation" will apply from Monday, March 8, 2021. Here, too, there will continue to be only fixed groups nationwide. The care times in daycare centers may be reduced by up to a maximum of ten hours per week by sponsors and daycare center managers, depending on the individual situation of the facility for infection control. 

The city of Bonn has already stated: "I do not see how this second step can be managed in terms of personnel, if at the same time the groups are maintained and we do not allow any merging and/or substitution in other groups, even in off-peak times. There is still a need for clarification here. The sponsors must take into account the best interests of the child - especially the need to ensure supervision - as well as the needs of the parents and the ability of the employees in the daycare centers to work under pressure and protect themselves against infections," says Gitte Sturm, head of the Office for Children, Youth and Families. She very much welcomes the new possibility for daycare center employees to be tested twice a week. 

According to the plans of the responsible NRW ministry, regular operation is to follow in the long term - depending on when certified self-tests are sufficiently available and/or vaccinations of employees are completed or the incidence of infection is only low.  In the event of a steady increase in the incidence of infection, a gradual reduction to emergency operation is planned if the number of infections rises sharply at regional or national level.


Also on Monday, Feb. 22, the state will begin face-to-face classes in schools again in some areas. Instruction for students in all grades at elementary schools and primary grades at special education schools will begin alternating between face-to-face and distance instruction. 

All students in the final grades will be allowed to return to face-to-face instruction. In principle, a resumption of face-to-face teaching is also possible at full class size; classes and learning groups can also be divided in order to reduce contact.

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