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Corona: Additional bus trips from 22 February

With the partial return to face-to-face teaching at schools in North Rhine-Westphalia from Monday, February 22, 2021, bus services in Bonn will again be significantly expanded.

In order to provide all passengers with the greatest possible distance from each other at school start and end times, and thus greater protection against infection, there will be 17 additional trips in the morning and six at midday or in the afternoon in addition to the regular schedule, initially for a limited period until the Easter vacations. Buses - not Stadtwerke Bonn vehicles - will be used on all amplified runs, which will be clearly marked by sign or digital display. The buses on streetcar line 61 stop either directly at the streetcar stop or, if the station cannot be reached, at the regular replacement stops.

The following trips operate in addition:


  • 61: Bonn Hbf - Heinrich-Hertz-Europakolleg: trips at 7:34 and 7:47 a.m.
  • 601: Bonn Hbf - Tannenbusch: trips at 7.02 a.m. from the main station
  • 630: Uniklinikum Süd - Agnetendorfer Straße: Departure at 6.45 a.m.
  • 630: Fritz-Erler-Straße - Agnetendorfer Straße: Departure at 7 a.m.
  • 631: Robert-Schuman-Platz - Agnetendorfer Straße: Departure at 6:40 a.m.
  • 632: Beuel Bf - Uniklinikum Süd: trips at 6.54 and 7.24 a.m.
  • E-Wagen: Nettekoven - Josephinum: departure at 7.14 a.m.  
  • E-car: Im Rosenberg - Aloisiuskolleg: departure at 7.14 a.m.
  • E-Wagen: Kleinfeldstr. - Beuel Bahnhof: Departure at 6.58 a.m.
  • E-Wagen: Duisdorf Bf - Ückesdorf Gymnasium: departure at 7.51 a.m. (in addition to the regular bus at 7.21 a.m.)
  • E-car: Pappelweg - Hochkreuz: departure at 7.21 a.m.
  • E-car: Röttgen Schleife - Josephinum: departure at 7.05 a.m.
  • E-Wagen: Alfter Im Benden - Hardtberg: departure at 7.22 a.m. (in addition to the regular bus at 7.02 a.m.)
  • E-trolley: Schneidemühler Straße - Ückesdorf Gymnasium: departure at 7.18 a.m. (in addition to the regular bus at 7.08 a.m.)
  • E-Wagen: Lessenich Sportplatz - Uniklinikum Süd: departure at 7.06 a.m.


  • 61: Kopenhagener Straße: trips at 12.59 p.m. and 2.52 p.m.
  • 630: Uniklinikum Süd - Agnetendorfer Straße: runs at 12.46 p.m.
  • E-Wagen: Gaußstr. - Alfter Hertersplatz: trip at 13.40 (in addition to the regular bus at 13.35 from Ückesdorf Gym.)
  • E-Wagen (Mon-Thu): Gaußstr. - Duisdorf Bf: departure at 15:40 (in addition to the regular bus at 15:10 from Ückesdorf Gym.)
  • E-Wagen: Am Neuen Lindenhof - Nettekoven: departure at 1:30 p.m.

The city of Bonn has applied to the state for funding for the additional service. The measure is fully funded by the state. 

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