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Editorial Newsletter Bonn International November 2019

In this issue, we will introduce to you the Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research. Professor Dr. Jakob Rhyner, Scientific Director of the Bonn Alliance, will outline the transdisciplinary approach to sustainability research that is taking place under this alliance. 

Also, we will talk about the Cyber Security Cluster Bonn. Cluster Manager Christian Schmickler will introduce this platform for national and international exchange on this topic that has been created here in Bonn. 

On the occasion of Ludwig van Beethoven's 250th birthday, our Beethoven Pastoral Project reaches out to artists from all over the world: Beethoven’s 6th Symphony expresses his praise of nature and is a call to protect it. Together with artists, civil society, national and local governments all over the world, we intend to make a strong cultural statement to protect the environment. Join us for such a statement and take a stand against climate change!

See what else has been planned for our celebration of the 250th anniversary of our city’s famous son. 

In this edition of our Bonn International Newsletter we will also share with you some highlights from our project partnerships that we are maintaining with several other cities from all corners of the world. 

And of course we cannot publish this issue without talking about the Christmas season and the special atmosphere here in Bonn! 

We hope that you will enjoy reading about these and more Bonn highlights.

Have a wonderful Christmas Season – and stay tuned!

If you are missing information or have suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us at  internationalbonnde or  webseitebonnde

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