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Bonn City Council Declares Climate Emergency

On Thursday evening, 4 July, the City Council declared a Climate Emergency for Bonn. The City of Bonn thus joins other municipalities and affirms that climate protection must have the highest priority in all municipal action. At the same time, the declaration of a climate emergency sends out a strong signal with regard to national and international legislation.

With this decision, the City Council follows two citizens' petitions signed by the initiatives Fridays for Future, Parents for Future and Klimawache Bonn, among others. 

Mayor Ashok Sridharan explains: "I consider everything that is suitable to draw the public's attention to the issue of climate protection to be helpful. As a city, we are already very active in initiating and implementing what is possible on the ground. Moreover, we are also active at international level in various climate protection alliances. As president of the worldwide ICLEI network of Local Governments for Sustainability, I am constantly calling for the issue to be pursued with vigor at local level. Our motto continues to be: Think globally, act locally. The proclamation of a climate emergency for Bonn is a symbolic act in this sense, which must now be followed by action. The Administration will make concrete proposals in this regard." 

The City of Bonn has contributed to the reduction of greenhouse gases by adopting the Bonn Master Plan for Energy Turnaround and Climate Protection, the Integrated Climate Protection and Adaptation Programme and numerous subsequent measures. Measured against the reference year 1990, per capita CO2 emissions in Bonn fell by 22 percent by 2014. In order to increase this contribution, further efforts must be made in the future. 

However, the scope of influence at the municipal level depends to a large extent on the framework conditions at the national and international levels. A national climate protection law with concrete requirements or comprehensive information campaigns, as called for in the proposal, can be suitable instruments for this.

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