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Outdoor pool season: “Friesi” opens on May 18 - the other pools on May 30

The city of Bonn will kick off the 2024 outdoor pool season with the opening of the outdoor pool in Friesdorf on Saturday, May 18. The other outdoor pools, i.e. Hardtbergbad, Römerbad, and Freibad Rüngsdorf, will follow on Corpus Christi, Thursday, May 30. In these pools, the Sports and Pool Authority is planning Sunday, September 15, as the last day of open-air swimming. This is the city of Bonn's response to the increasing shift of hot summer days into September in recent years.


Operations at the Hardtbergbad, Frankenbad and Beueler Bütt indoor pools will end on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, and will resume at the Frankenbad and Beueler Bütt after the outdoor pool season on Monday, September 16, 2024. The Hardtbergbad will enter the renovation phase after this year's outdoor pool season and will therefore remain closed. 

The last day of outdoor swimming at Friesi is Sunday, September 1, as the pool will then be prepared for the 2024/25 indoor pool season, which starts there on Monday, September 30.

Parallel operation of outdoor and indoor pools is not possible for staffing reasons.

Staff shortage - Friesi opens with shortened hours

Staff shortages in the area of skilled workers are posing challenges for swimming pool operators throughout Germany. Although there is also a shortage of skilled workers in Bonn, who are essential for the commissioning and operational supervision of the swimming pools, four of the five outdoor pools can be operated at the usual opening times this year. 

The Römerbad, Ennertbad, Hardtbergbad and Rünsgsdorf outdoor pools will be open as usual from Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10 am to 7 pm. Despite all efforts, the Friesi, Bonn's smallest outdoor pool, can only be operated in one shift. It will therefore be open daily from 11 am to 7 pm.

Die Auswinterungsarbeiten in den Bädern, hier an den Beckenfliesen, laufen derzeit.

Winterizing - rain delays tiling work

The Friesdorf outdoor pool is the first pool to start the season, as no tiling work is required here after winterizing. The pools are lined with a new, stable pool liner and the bathing area is also protected by the air dome.

The situation is different in the other outdoor pools. The persistent rain in recent weeks has delayed the tiling work. This is because the old water, which remains in the pools over the winter to protect the tiles, is first drained and then checked for damage after cleaning. It has to be dry before the tiles and joints can be repaired - also so that they can dry out before the pools are refilled with water.

After the new water is let in, it is checked regularly and precisely. The water temperature in the outdoor pools is 21 degrees Celsius. As a rule, no additional heating is required in the warmer months. When the outside temperature is warm, the water temperature can also reach higher values.

The winterization work mainly involves extensive cleaning: of the buildings, pools, canals and drains, the sanitary facilities and the outdoor areas such as the cash desk areas, pool surrounds or the parking lots. The green areas, such as the sunbathing lawns and playgrounds, are also maintained and prepared. The municipal facility management department also takes care of necessary maintenance work and repairs in and on the outdoor pool buildings.

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