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Corona: Postponement of the second vaccination dates at Astrazeneca

The Federal City of Bonn informs about further important aspects concerning the vaccination against the corona virus. Thus, due to changed regulations, about 4000 people have been informed today about the postponement of their second vaccination appointments at Astrazeneca.

Meanwhile, 65,034 first vaccinations have been carried out in Bonn, 38,936 of them in the vaccination center at WorldCCBonn. 24,140 people have already received their second vaccination, 9,690 of them at the Vaccination Center.

The Standing Commission on Vaccination has issued a recommendation for the changed procedure for second vaccinations with Astrazeneca. New vaccinations are currently given there only to those over 60 years of age with a second vaccination appointment after 12 weeks. Regardless of age, those who have already received their first vaccination should now have their second vaccination postponed from 9 to 12 weeks. This affects about 4,000 people in Bonn, who were informed about this today by the vaccination center by e-mail.
Those affected will automatically be assigned a new appointment and will then not have to do anything. The previous appointment confirmation remains valid with the same time, but then exactly three weeks later. Vaccination will be given with an mRNA vaccine for those under 60 years of age (Biontech or Moderna), and with AstraZeneca for those over 60 years of age. Those who wish to stick with their appointment after 9 weeks, despite the recommendation of 12 weeks, need do nothing more than come to the vaccination center at the appointed time. In these cases, the second vaccination must be administered with AstraZeneca. A separate registration counter "Second vaccination special/occupational groups" will be set up in the vaccination center.

Vaccination of contact persons of pregnant women

The group of contact persons of pregnant women was approached on Friday, April 9, through the gynecological practices and midwives and asked to book an appointment. More than 500 appointments have also been booked there in the first two days. Essentially, the 10 percent of the allocated vaccine quota that is possible according to the decree is currently earmarked for this group. The vaccination center estimates the size of this group at about 4,000 people.

Vaccine quotas for existing special groups

For the more than 30 special groups that have been in place for several weeks, the majority of which are medical staff from practices and staff from daycare centers, elementary schools and special schools, there are still appointments until early May. However, these are largely fully booked. If the vaccination center can foresee free vaccine capacities, new appointments will be set again. In addition, further vaccine requirements for these groups have been registered with the state.

Positive development in appointment bookings

After calling the birth cohorts 1942 and 1943 including their partners, the booking trend is again very good. As far as the city is aware, it is technically possible for people in the first half of the 1944 birth cohort to book appointments on the portals of the North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. For the good appointment utilization in the vaccination center the city has great interest that - independently of the receipt of the information letters, which are sent to the individual cohorts - this possibility is already used.

Hotline and mail address

The city points out that all important information is available on the Internet at (opens in a new tab), (opens in a new tab) and (opens in a new tab). With important questions and requests one can turn further to the well-known contacts  fragen.impfenbonnde or the Hotline 0228 - 71 75. Numerous inquiries are prioritization requests, which in almost all cases cannot be met. The city asks to refrain from these requests.

It is also reminded that at present, appointments can only be made in doctor's offices for those with previous illnesses under Section 3 of the Corona Vaccination Ordinance. Calls from the not-yet-eligible groups create a very heavy workload in the practices.

Incidence value is 136.5

The Corona incidence value for Bonn has increased. It stands at 136.5 per 100,000 inhabitants on Monday, April 12, 2021. The number of new infections in the past seven days is 450.

Since February 28, 2020, a total of 11,289 confirmed Covid 19 cases have been recorded. 10,229 people are considered recovered, and 848 are currently infected. 212 people have died in association with the coronavirus. 2,013 Bonn residents are currently in quarantine.

Bonn hospitals currently have 88 people from Bonn and the surrounding area who have contracted Covid-19. 52 patients are being cared for in normal wards, 36 people are in intensive care units, 28 of whom require ventilation.

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