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Corona: 100,333 first-time vaccinations in Bonn

The 100,000 mark has been cracked: As of Monday evening, April 26, 2021, exactly 100,333 people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus for the first time in Bonn.

"Vaccinations have fortunately picked up significant momentum. My thanks go to all those involved who are contributing to the success of this great joint effort," emphasized Mayor Katja Dörner on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, during a visit to the vaccination center at the World Conference Center Bonn. There, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians North Rhine (vaccination and registration), employees of the WorldCCBonn (logistics and security), fire department and health department including other offices of the city administration (organization, visitor support and administration) work closely and trustfully together. Support is also provided by pharmacies, which prepare the vaccine and make it available ready for use.

"I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the hospitals, the doctors' offices, as well as the mobile teams, who also play their part in vaccinating the population," the mayor continued. In particular, the special campaign with the vaccination of bedridden people in need of care with their contacts in about 400 households was very elaborate and will be concluded today with the last second vaccinations. 

Overall, Mayor Dörner is pleased that "citizens continue to show a high willingness to be vaccinated. They actively seek information and book their vaccination appointments when called upon to do so. This is not self-evident because of the complexity of the vaccination regulation and is challenging for everyone. I am pleased that everyone is participating so well."

The 100,333 initial vaccinations break down as follows: 11,083 vaccinations by mobile teams, 60,596 vaccinations at the vaccination center, 1,949 spontaneous vaccinations (both by mobile teams and at the vaccination center), 13,926 vaccinations at Bonn hospitals and 12,812 vaccinations at primary care practices. In the meantime, 27,956 people have received their second vaccination, 11,285 of them at the vaccination center. 

The city administration explicitly points out that these figures do not only refer to vaccinated Bonn citizens, but to the vaccinations that have been carried out in Bonn. Numerous people who do not live in Bonn but have been vaccinated work in the hospitals and senior citizens' homes. And also with the vaccinated of the more than 30 person and occupational groups, the workplace in Bonn was decisive for a vaccination in the federal city.

Teachers can book vaccination appointments

Meanwhile, teachers at secondary schools have been able to book vaccination appointments at the vaccination center via the city's booking portal since Tuesday, April 27. They will receive the link via their schools, which have been informed accordingly by the city administration. Vaccinations are expected to begin on Thursday, April 29. Since the appointment booking options via the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein are currently not exhausted, the city of Bonn expects to be able to offer appropriate appointments to all teachers willing to be vaccinated in the next few days.

Incidence value 190.8

As of Tuesday, April 27, 2021, the Corona incidence value based on 100,000 population is 190.8, meaning 629 confirmed new infections have been reported to the health department in the past seven days.

A total of 12,576 Covid-19 infections have been recorded since February 28, 2020. 11,197 people have recovered, while 1,157 are currently infected. 222 people have died in association with coronavirus. The two most recent deaths are a 98-year-old woman and an 89-year-old woman. The health department has no information on prior illnesses for either of them. 2,797 citizens of Bonn are currently in quarantine.

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  • Sascha Engst/Bundesstadt Bonn

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