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City tightens corona rules

In view of significantly rising infection figures, the crisis team of the city of Bonn decided on Friday, April 16, 2021, to tighten the Corona rules in Bonn. From Monday, April 19, 2021, the so-called test option of the "Corona emergency brake" will be withdrawn. In addition, schools and KiTas are to be closed at the earliest possible date.

The Corona incidence value in Bonn on Friday, April 16, 2021, based on 100,000 inhabitants, is 179.0. The city expects to reach the 200 mark shortly, above which stricter regulations to contain the pandemic must be observed.

Schools and KiTas to close

Against this background, the city's crisis team has applied to the state of North Rhine-Westphalia to close schools and KiTas at the earliest possible date and only allow emergency care there. According to the city's ideas, only children and young people whose parents both work in system-relevant areas should then be cared for. To allow parents a transition period, the closure is expected to begin in the middle of next week.

Face-to-face classes for graduating seniors and high school qualifying periods will still be available. However, the city will impose a mandatory masking requirement around school campuses.

Restrictions for retail and cultural institutions

As of Monday, April 19, 2021, it will no longer be possible to enter stores in Bonn that offer goods that go beyond daily needs with a daily negative test result. It will then remain within the framework of the emergency brake of the state of NRW for these stores to "click and collect", i.e. pick up ordered goods. Only grocery stores, drugstores, pharmacies and all stores that were previously allowed to enter without a negative test result will remain open.

Museums, exhibitions and memorials are also no longer allowed to open. The operation of libraries and archives is limited to the collection, delivery and return of media.

Appointments at the city administration only with test

From Wednesday, April 21, 2021, citizens who want to make an appointment with the city administration will need a current negative test result. Mayor Katja Dörner also appealed to companies in Bonn to allow home offices wherever possible.

Dörner asked citizens to support the measures: "I ask the people of Bonn for their understanding for this renewed tightening of the regulations, even though I am aware of what this means especially for parents, children and young people as well as for the retail trade. But the numbers of new infections are rising sharply, and the mutations are spreading very quickly, especially in families."

The city does not want to introduce a nighttime curfew at this time, as it does not expect it to have much effect.

Expert opinion on air purification devices

The crisis team of the city of Bonn has also decided to re-examine those rooms in the city schools where cross-ventilation through opposite windows is not possible or where the teaching staff is not convinced that cross-ventilation offers sufficient protection. For these rooms, an external expert is to examine whether, where, which and how many air purification devices should be installed in order to achieve the desired effect of extensive filtering of aerosols.

An inspection of all the approximately 4,000 school rooms in the fall of 2020 had shown that windows could not be opened in only four rooms of the Friedrich-List-Berufskolleg; air filter devices were permanently installed there at the time. In view of the newly emerged discussion about the use of air purification devices in schools and against the background of the Open Letter of the aerosol researchers, the crisis team had again dealt with the issue. So far, the city has not approved the use of such devices in schools in principle, since in its view the advantages and disadvantages of their installation have not been sufficiently clarified.

Current figures

The Corona incidence value for Bonn on Friday, April 16, 2021, based on 100,000 inhabitants, is 179.0. The health department registered 590 new infections in the past seven days. The outbreak continues to be diffuse.

Since February 28, 2020, a total of 11,639 confirmed infections have occurred. 10,506 people have since recovered and 917 are acutely infected. 216 people have died in association with coronavirus. 2,203 citizens of Bonn are currently in quarantine.

There are currently 94 people from Bonn and the surrounding area in Bonn hospitals who have contracted Covid-19. 58 patients are being cared for in normal wards, 36 people are in intensive care units, 32 of whom require ventilation.

In the meantime, 77,794 initial vaccinations have been carried out in Bonn, 44,739 of them in the vaccination center at WorldCCBonn. 26,718 people have already received their second vaccination, 10,829 of them at the Vaccination Center.

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