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Bonn International News, September 2020

Dear Friend of Bonn,

We are pleased to present you the latest news from Bonn again. From virtual conference formats and fruitful forms of cooperation to special awards and interesting events in the city - there is a lot to report this September. 

Next year we will welcome the 25th UN entity on the banks of the Rhine. But before that, our new Mayor of Bonn, Mrs. Katja Dörner, will take office this November.  

We hope you will enjoy reading a little about what’s on in Bonn! 

Stay tuned - and stay healthy!

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  • Schafgans/Bundesstadt Bonn
  • GIZ
  • Bundesstadt Bonn
  • Giacomo Zucca/Bundesstadt Bonn
  • Giacomo Zucca/Bundesstadt Bonn
  • EnergieAgentur.NRW, Daniel Schmitt
  • Tiefbauamt/Bundesstadt Bonn
  • Bundesstadt Bonn
  • Giacomo Zucca/Bundesstadt Bonn
  • Foto: contrastwerkstatt/

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