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Head of Operations (Deputy Director)

Job Specification

• As a pre-requisite you share values of our organization and endorse the Principles of Organic Agriculture;
• An MBA, Law degree or equivalent qualification;
• A minimum of 10 years of relevant professional, senior management experience, ideally in a global not-for-profit organization, in a multicultural setting;
• A deep understanding of NGO financial and legal systems, preferably in an international and German context;
• Ability to consistently make sound decisions, drawing on a combination of analysis, experience and judgement;
• High level of business acumen and experience in successfully managing profit and loss;
• Broad experience with the full range of business functions and systems, including strategic development and planning, budgeting and business analysis;

Professional Knowledge and Language Skills

• People-oriented with high emotional intelligence and excellent communication skills, you are a team builder and set the tone for a positive and inclusive organizational culture;
• Servant leadership style with the capacity to empower leaders in a multi-cultural setting – you put people in a position to succeed;
• Mission-driven and process-oriented, you have the necessary skills to improve existing systems in order to increase productivity and impact. With a knack for problem-solving you help others deliver measurable and cost-effective results, and ensure accountability;
• Proficiency in English (working language) and German (language of our legal framework).

Duration of Appointmentinitially for 2 years with the intention to extend to an unlimited contract, with a probation period of 6 months
Entry on Duty01.04.2020
Application Period23.02.2020
IFOAM - Organics International

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