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Tourist mission

In September 2022, the administration commissioned the dwif agency to start developing a tourism mission statement for the Federal City of Bonn. In an exemplary participatory process, administration, politics and tourism service providers as well as actors and partners of the city were involved. Together, a Tourism Vision 2030 for Bonn with goals and fields of action was developed and defined. In this way, a common framework for action was created, which is intended to provide orientation and perspective for future measures, structures and marketing strategies of profile-raising topics and products in Bonn and the region, especially for the actors within and outside the administration.

Tourism – a strong economic factor

Studies on the mission statement have shown that the gross turnover generated by tourism amounted to almost 1.3 billion euros in 2019. Almost all economic sectors benefit from tourism, above all the hospitality industry and the retail trade. Reason enough to position tourism in Bonn competitively for the coming years.

Goals and fields of action for the development in tourism

In order to make the tourism vision for Bonn 2030 a reality, the city administration and tourism stakeholders want to pursue the following main goals:

  1. Realization of a quality-oriented tourism growth.
  2. Unfolding of a travel-inspired product development and a theme-oriented target group marketing.
  3. Improvement of structures and cooperation in Bonn and with the Rhein-Sieg district.
  4. Promotion of sustainable tourism and strengthening of tourism awareness.
  5. Ensuring a quality of stay and thematic experience for guests that is appropriate to their needs and target groups.

According to these five goals, the mission statement defines and describes four central fields of action:

  1. Product development and marketing for leisure tourism concentrate on the sinus milieu of post-materialists and focus on profile-giving key themes.
  2. Bonn is characterized internally by a lively network in which all relevant cultural and tourism actors in Bonn and the region pull together with a common understanding of tourism.
  3. Sustainability and inclusion are self-evident basic principles that are visible along the entire customer journey.
  4. Marketing for overnight guests from Germany and neighboring countries in Bonn is characterized by boldly putting the showcase products from the culture and museum sector as well as from the other thematic fields in front.

The main focus areas in future marketing are divided into the three pillars of Beethoven and City of Culture, Bonn - Gateway to the Romantic Rhine Valley and Business Tourism.

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